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How to remove the Totalite default clamp?

How heavy is the Totalite?

The ballast box weighs 1.5 lbs. The lamp head weighs 1.8 lbs. Combined weight of the complete set is: 3.3 lbs.




Is the Totalite a halogen or LED light?

The Totalite is neither halogen, nor LED. The technology powering the Totalite is category of High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting know as Metal Halide. Metal Halide lighting is also used to light parking garages and high end department stores. Metal Halide is more efficient than halogen and has a long lamp life. It also comes in a variety of color temperatures and is known to have a very good CRI (Color Rendering Index) rating – usually 90 or higher.




Can I touch the bulb with my fingers?

When the bulb is cool, it is ok to touch it with your fingers. The oils from your fingertips won’t hurt the bulb. Halogen lights should not be touched with bare fingers, as the oils in your fingers will cause the bulb fail prematurely. The Totalite uses a metal halide bulb, so it’s ok to touch – MAKE SURE IT ISN’T HOT!




Does the Totalite have an "on & off" switch?

No. You simply plug the light in to the power source. However, it is important that you first connect the lamp to the ballast box before plugging the ballast box into the power source. If you reverse this sequence, nothing bad will happen. But, the light may not come on.




How many Totalites do I need in my booth?

It depends on what your display is like. But, it is pretty typical for an exhibitor with a 10’x10’ both to use 2 Totalite sets.




How do I mount the Totalite in my booth?

There are myriad ways you can mount the light. However, the most common way is to use our 3 section black telescopic pole clamped onto the side of a table. You then raise the lamp head up over the table. The higher you set the light, the more area gets covered with light. One light will easily cover a 6 foot table and then some. For lighting a table that is positioned up against a wall, you could use the extension rod option to extend the Totalite out over the display. If you are mounting in a pipe and drape booth, you would use the SuperGrip clamp. For mounting onto slat wall you might use the spring tension clamp or the C table clamp.




What color temperature is best for my merchandise?

Some of this is just personal preference. But, generally speaking, a cool white (6000k) is good for sterling silver. Warm white (3000k) is good for clothing, hand bags, furniture and some tapestry’s. Natural white (4200) is the most popular color choice for the Totalite because it works best with most jewelry and beads. If you try a certain color temperature bulb and end up not liking it, call us back. We may be able to exchange it for you.




Does the Totalite get hot?

The Totalite is a 150watt light. So, it does get hot to the touch. But, it isn’t nearly as hot as its halogen predecessor. Similar halogen lights use anywhere from 250 watts to 1000 watts. The amount of heat is commensurate to the wattage of the light source. It would take a 750 watt halogen light to give about the same amount of lumens as the 150 watt metal halide Totalite.




What is the life of the bulb?

The Totalite bulb has an average life of 10,000 hours. As long as you don’t drop it and break it, it should last for several years!




How long is the warranty?

The Totalite has a one year warranty against any factory defect. The warranty does not cover physical damage. If your light becomes damaged, call and speak to our repair department. Chances are, it can be fixed for a nominal fee.




Can I use the Totalite at the Las Vegas Convention Center?

This question comes up a lot – especially as the ASD show approaches. Halogen lights are not permitted in the LVCC. The Totalite is a metal halide light and IS ok to use!




If the light is turned off, why does it take so long before it will come back on?

One of the quirks of metal halide lamps is that they won’t re-strike until they have cooled off. A hot Totalite bulb will take between 5 to 12 minutes to cool off. If you just plug it back in and forget about it, it will come back on after it has cooled down enough.




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